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Thursday, May 08, 2003  


'Trinity Makes Entrance': Eh. You've seen almost every single frame of this in the trailers (Trinity with helmet, Trinity does slo-mo flip, stuff blows up good), and the quality is bad.

'Neo Meets Oracle Bodyguard': Better quality (which is not saying much), and it's a pretty full-fledged action scene between Neo and... well, the bodyguard (I forget the actor's name, but the one Jet Li was originally going to play).

TV spots in blessed Quicktime:

'Story': A lot from the trailer, but a couple of good lines from Trinity and Niobe.

'Short Story': The basic trailer cut down to 30 seconds; I've seen it on TV several times, and I hardly watch any TV. Not worth downloading.

'No Escape': Okay, Hugo Weaving makes me laugh. A couple of great moments for Agent Smith, and a good one for Trinity.

'The Prophecy': A few new shots--you have to look really, really hard--and more of an alt-rock background theme. Meh.

'I'm In': Ooooo, Trinity. Mostly the theatrical trailer, though--except for a good line about Neo's "Superman thing."

Nice Trick: Ooooo, Trinity. Mostly the--wait a minute, didn't I just see this one? Almost exactly like "I'm In."

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003  


The Hulk: The site's pretty cool. Here's what I found so addictive, though: the Hulk Smash! game. I still can't get past level two, but it is soooo fun to go around smashing buildings and tanks. And I don't even give a flip about the movie. Highly recommended, just for that game.

Down with Love: Cute site. Not much there. There's a "Is S/He in Love?" quiz, which is one of those really obvious women's magazine-type quizzes with three answers to a question that basically run down the lines of "Yes," "No," and "Kinda." The poll--it's a poll. Woo hoo. Now, the "Enter Catcher Block's Bachelor Pad" game... you may have to see it to believe it. If you play your cards right, "the bed will be activated, and your date will end with a 'bang'!" Holy Moses, y'all...

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All right, kids, the fourth installment of The Animatrix is online, and it's the one that will telll you how the world got to the point where it was when Neo "woke up," as it were, in the first movie. I actually liked "Program," the samurai one, a lot better--visually it was just amazing. This one seems to have a lot of soldiers and machines stomping around in the apocalyptic mud. Of course, the last quarter of it gave me the wig--badly. Is it worth downloading? Depends how into The Matrix and the upcoming sequels you are--the smallest version is still a 23 mb download.

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Or "The League," if you are unable to read the words that are plainly still on the screen, or are as stupid as the studio apparently thinks you are. If you're going to change the name of the movie, would it cost so much to change out the title card?

Stars: According to this trailer? Sean Connery. Nobody else worth mentioning.

Features: Sean Connery cracking wise. Sean Connery busting heads. Oh, and a few other people in there somewhere. "In times of great peril... the world must call upon the services of a singular individual..." ...who is, in fact, part of a group... that this movie is actually about. I guess they cut that part out.

Is it worth downloading? Only if you did not go to X2 this weekend (where you would have seen it), or if you went and were shown different trailers, and are mildly curious. Side note: Mommy of Digest thought the premise of the movie sounded "stupid" when I described it to her. She saw the trailer and confessed, "Okay... I kinda want to see that."

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Friday, May 02, 2003  


Stars: Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly, Nick Nolte, Sam Elliot

Features: We get to see the original gamma rays that hulk Banner out, but it's also implied that Banner Sr. was doing some sort of experiment with his infant son way back in the day. Lots of hulking out and running around and crushing/stomping/hurling things. Jennifer Connelly looks less sleepy this time.

Is it worth downloading? This is certainly the best trailer they've come up with so far; I am marginally more interested in seeing this movie now.

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Thursday, May 01, 2003  


If you don't want spoilers, move along.

"Quite a talent": Any clip that points out how "dorky" Magneto's helmet is, is all right with me. This is Magneto's scene with Pyro on the jet, and the clip alone implies that they bond more than the "good guys" would like.

"Let's go": The school is under attack, and we see Rogue, Wolverine, Shadowcat, Colossus, and the boys escaping. Some excellent Wolverine action here that I cannot believe they're showing in a clip, unless they've trimmed additional coolness that will show up in the theater.

"What have you done?": Well, it seems that Magneto's gone and given away the school's secrets (a still I saw makes it look like he did so under duress), and now he and the Professor are trapped in his cell. Nice acting here, by the way. Also some good Cyclops-Deathstrike action, although the good stuff has plainly been cut out (you see Kelly Hu flexing her fingers at the end for no apparent reason).

"Because we...": A discussion between Nightcrawler and Mystique about shapeshifting. Dude, are we sure that's Alan Cumming? It looks like (a blue) Alan Cumming, but it doesn't sound like him at all. Impressive.

"I was wrong": Brian Cox rambling on about adamantium to an unappreciative Wolverine. And then Wolverine gets pissed off and Lady Deathstrike--damn, that looks painful. We get to see Deathstrike's adamantium nails, though.

"Special FX": More behind-the-scenes glimpses of things that look very, very painful. The clip really focuses on how they shot Nightcrawler's rampage and on the X-Jet/tornadoes animatic, but there's a constant smattering of scenes throughout the film.

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